Lunchtime Photo and Poetry

Times like this call for poetry. I’ve got you covered:

Fall’s pall: small blue balls
Pray for winter’s warmth to come
In twenty-twenty

See, it’s a metaphor. Or maybe an allegory. And it’s about stuff that’s dying—which could be either your hope for a better future or maybe just an ingrown toenail. The small blue balls are right there in the picture, and they’re dying because it’s autumn. But there’s a deeper meaning! Blue is the color for Democrats and also the color for sadness. Democrats are feeling small and sad right now. So they’re waiting for winter’s warmth. But winter isn’t warm, is it? That’s where the old haiku juxtaposition switcheroo comes in: sure, winter is cold, but for our allegorically sad Democrats, winter of 2020 could turn out to be very warm indeed.

As for why the Democrats are apparently represented by balls in this imagery, I’ll leave that up to you. I mean, do I have to explain everything? Are you feeling inspired yet?