Friday Cat Blogging – 29 December 2017

For our final catblogging post of the year, our local furballs have agreed to give the stage to Tillamook, one of my mother’s cats. I was visiting yesterday because the latest Windows update from Microsoft corrupted her PC so badly it wouldn’t boot. It was a lengthy visit, since I had decided it was time to buy a new computer rather than risk surgery on the old one, which would probably just crash again soon. They’re so cheap, why not? Anyway, the basics are all working now, though I’m sure there will be plenty of fiddly details to attend to over the next few weeks.

Every time I do something like this I wonder how anyone survives having a PC. I’m pretty PC savvy, but even I had to screw around a fair amount to get all the backups and the email archives and the browser profiles etc. etc. working properly. An ordinary person wouldn’t have had a chance.

On the bright side, the printer driver apparently installed itself without my even touching it. If only everything else worked so well.