Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse Gallery

I learned a few things this morning.

  • My tripod sucks. But do I really want to spend a ton of money for a new one?
  • However, my beanbag came through. Yay beanbag!
  • There are too many damn trees in my neighborhood.
  • As usual my camera’s resolution at full zoom is terrible. But is this the lens or the aggressive JPEG processing? I took a bunch of pictures in RAW mode, and if I ever upgrade Photoshop to handle my camera’s format I’ll find out.

Still and all, I got pictures. Not great pictures, but they show what things looked like here on the West Coast. Here they are.

1. Moonrise, nine hours before the eclipse. 5:27 pm PST.

2. The start of the eclipse. 4:22 am PST.

3. Nearly full. 4:57 am PST.

4. Totality. 5:26 am PST.

5. Coming out of totality as the morning sky starts to lighten. 6:02 am PST.