Dreamers Get Another Reprieve

Erik Mcgregor/Pacific Press via ZUMA

Dreamers have gotten another reprieve:

The Supreme Court handed President Trump a significant defeat Monday, turning down the administration’s plea for a quick ruling on the president’s power to end special protections for so-called Dreamers. The court’s decision not to immediately hear the administration’s appeal could keep in place a legal shield for nearly 700,000 young immigrants for the rest of this year, and perhaps longer.

This removes a lot of Trump’s leverage: Democrats have no pressing reason to make a bad deal over DACA if they’ve got at least a year before it can be terminated. Why not wait until after the midterms and see what happens? That’s what Republicans did with Scalia’s Supreme Court seat after he died.

Republicans should have taken the DACA-for-border-security deal. It wouldn’t have hurt their position for a broader deal later on, and they would have gotten their wall. Now the Dreamers are still here and Republicans have nothing.