Friday Cat Blogging – 2 February 2018

Forget the Nunes memo. What you are all really wondering about is what happened when Hilbert found Hopper occupying his pod. Prepare to be shocked!

Here’s how it played out. Hilbert jumped up on my desk. He did a cat version of a double take. Then he started licking Hopper. This is usually the prelude to a bit of paw karate, but this time Hopper wasn’t playing. She just wanted to snooze. Hilbert was confused. So he walked to the window sill, turned around, and stuffed himself into the pod. Hopper still didn’t move. She was totally dedicated to her nap. So we ended up with this:

Hilbert had done everything he could think of, but he still didn’t have sole possession of the pod. He was so dismayed he couldn’t sleep. He just sat there staring into space wondering what was going on.

That lasted about five minutes, which is a long time for a cat. Then he went to sleep.

BY THE WAY: The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that last week’s picture was taken in the daytime, while this one is clearly taken at night. This is making you suspicious. Does this week’s photo really follow from last week’s?

Well, yes, in spirit. The thing is, the next morning Hopper was back in the pod and the pictures I took were a lot better. So I used one of those to illustrate the opening stage of this little drama. It’s just poetic license.