Friday Cat Blogging – 23 March 2018

I was up in Seattle last weekend visiting friends, and on Sunday afternoon I had lunch with one of my old roommates from Caltech days. I hadn’t seen him for about 40 years. Unlike me, he stuck it out and graduated, and now runs a company that makes fancy optical equipment (he’s an optical physics guy).

More to the present point, this being a Friday, he’s married and it turns out that his wife, Charlotte, is very much a cat person. Their current cat is named Scooter, and I was warned that he was a bit “grabby.” This turned out to be true, but Charlotte says he’s gotten better after ten years of work. That was true too: in my case, at least, he wasn’t at all serious about it. Just a lazy little flick of the paw that didn’t even come close to making contact. He eventually curled up next to me and started purring.

Naturally I took pictures.