120-Day Travel Ban Is Now 516 Days Old and Counting

Nancy LeTourneau reminds us today that Donald Trump’s travel ban was always supposed to be temporary:

The administration claimed that the Muslim ban was necessary while they set up their “extreme vetting” system. The 120 days they set out for that to happen was up well over a year ago.

….What’s up with that? This so-called “temporary pause” to allow the secretary of homeland security to make lists and develop procedures for extreme vetting seems to have turned into something more permanent. Did John Kelly and his successor Kirstjen Nielsen fall down on the job? Have they been too busy implementing Trump’s “deport ’em all” and “zero tolerance” policies to get to this one? Or was the idea that the travel ban would be temporary simply another lie among the thousands this administration has told?

Can I go with (d) all of the above? It was a lie, they’re incompetent, and they got distracted. I’m just using Occam’s Razor here, folks.