McConnell Court Votes to Crush Democrats Yet Again

The Supreme Court decided to crush public-sector unions today by restricting their ability to collect dues. Can you guess how the vote went? Huh? Can you?

The court in a 5-to-4 decision overturned a 40-year-old precedent and said that compelling such fees was a violation of workers’ free speech rights. The rule could force the workers to give financial support to public policy positions they oppose, the court said.

Yeah, that’s a shocker. Who would have guessed that the court’s Republicans would endorse the long-cherished Republican goal of decimating unions that support Democrats? They can add this to the list: refusing to halt gerrymandering that hurts Democrats; refusing to halt race-based redestricting as long as it’s only meant to hurt Democrats; refusing to halt voter ID laws designed to hurt Democrats; and now dealing a fatal blow to union groups that traditionally support Democrats. Republicans have sure gotten their money’s worth out of the Supreme Court lately. Donald Trump understands completely:

“Big loss for the coffers of the Democrats!” That’s the whole point, and as usual, Trump isn’t afraid to say it out loud. On the bright side, I suppose it’s one more reason for liberals to mobilize and vote in November.