Searching for Nuggets of Truth in a Hailstorm of Lies

Carolyn Kaster/AP

Compare and contrast:

The Washington Post on trade: “Trump’s confrontational behavior has left America’s allies — and many Republicans and Democrats at home — aghast. But setting aside his approach and mannerisms, there’s some truth to what he’s saying.

The New York Times on North Korea: “When President Trump declared that he did not really need to prepare for his legacy-defining meeting with North Korea’s leader, he drew sighs or snickers from veterans of past negotiations. But he had a point: In his own unorthodox way, Mr. Trump has been preparing for this encounter his entire adult life.”

Can we just stop this, please? The fact that Trump occasionally says something sort of partly true in the middle of a hailstorm of ignorance and lies is really not worth a headline.