Women Continue to Rack Up Primary Victories

According to Bloomberg, here’s how women did yesterday in congressional primaries:

Here in California’s 45th district, the race for second place in our jungle primary (behind Republican incumbent Mimi Walters) was between two law professors at UC Irvine. With all the votes counted, the winner is Katie Porter, a progressive woman endorsed by Elizabeth Warren, who beat Dave Min, a moderate liberal who got the official party endorsement. The bad news, however, is that all the Democratic candidates together received only 44.4 percent of the vote, even though the tight contest should have boosted Dem turnout. It’s going to be tough to turn my district blue for the first time since Harry Sheppard managed to eke out a victory in the Democratic mega-landslide of 1936.

A rundown of all the California primary results is here. It appears that Democrats won a spot in every single one, despite fears that a fractured field could allow Republicans to run #1 and #2 in a few of them. November should be pretty interesting here in the Golden State, especially since the statewide contests are mostly pretty boring and Congress is going to get a huge amount of attention.

So far, 116 women have won congressional primaries this year. If they continue to win at the same rate in upcoming primaries, I figure there will be 240 women running for Congress this year. This would be a massive increase over any previous year: