American Business Suffers as Wages Continue to Skyrocket

A couple of days ago I posted a chart showing the real increase in wages for American workers over the past year. Unfortunately, I could only draw the chart through May because we didn’t yet have the CPI inflation numbers for June. But today they’re out, so here’s an updated version of the wage chart:

The American worker has really been kicking ass over the past year! It’s no wonder so many companies are having a hard time filling all their positions. They’ve obviously done everything they conceivably can to attract workers off the sidelines, but for some reason workers just aren’t responding. What more can the business community possibly do?

POSTSCRIPT: I just know that some smart-aleck is going to complain that I’m showing only wages, and we really need to look at total compensation. Fine. Here it is through the first quarter of 2018:

I guess that shows me. The ECI is up a whopping 0.5 percent over the past year. Employers are really taking it in the shorts, aren’t they?