New Witness Accuses Brett Kavanaugh of Setting Up “Gang Rapes”

Julie Swetnick says she attended house parties in the early 80s with Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. Swetnick claims that the pair drank to excess, targeted girls to take advantage of, and then made them the victims of "gangs" or "trains" of boys who raped them.Photo provided by Mark Avenatti

Well, um, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has entered the Brett Kavanaugh sweepstakes this morning with a written affadavit from Julie Swetnick, who says she attended many house parties in the early 80s with Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. She describes them as “joined at the hip.” And her affadavit is a barnburner: “I fully understand the seriousness of the statement contained within this declaration,” she says:

And then this:

You can read the full thing here. This certainly marks a major turn in the Kavanaugh affair if Swetnick turns out to be credible and if anyone else steps up to corroborate what she says. I guess today isn’t going to be a boring day.