Oh Look, a White Supremacist Has Been Writing at a “Mainstream” Conservative Magazine. So Shocking.

Oh, hey, look. An editor and columnist for the Daily Caller—which is totally just a mainstream conservative news outlet that believes in a colorblind society that treats blacks and whites equally—turns out to be a white supremacist who also works for Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal under a pseudonym. Let’s listen in on Scott Greer:

Greer expressed racist antiblack views and anti-Semitism in the Radix articles he wrote under the Michael McGregor byline, and disparaged other groups including feminists, immigrants, Christian Zionists, and the pro-life movement. In an interview with the website Social Matter in 2014, the same year Greer started working at The Daily Caller, Michael McGregor was identified as the managing editor of Radix.

In a statement acknowledging writing for Radix, Greer said that his views have changed since he stopped writing for the journal in 2015. “In my early twenties when it appeared our only mainstream options were Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, I was attracted to more radical ideas and expressed them under the name Michael McGregor at Radix Journal,” Greer wrote. “As the political situation has evolved in recent years, so have my views.”

Uh huh. Quite a few of us managed to somehow deal with the grim reality of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush without turning into white nationalists, but I guess it was too much for Greer back in his younger days—which were [checks calendar] four years ago. In any case, as he writes, “the political situation has evolved in recent years.” I wonder what that could possibly mean? I’m just a big ol’ cynical meanie, so I’m going to guess that what “evolved” was Donald Trump, who made it socially acceptable to express racist, sexist, and anti-Muslim views in public without much in the way pushback. I’m sure Greer has a fine career ahead of him in the fever swamps of Trumpesque conservatism.

As for the Daily Caller, I’m sure they had absolutely no idea what was going on. They were just totally taken by surprise, amirite?