Friday Cat Blogging – 12 October 2018

It is Hilbert’s turn at stardom this week, and he obliged by jumping onto one of the new cabinets in our closet. As you can see, he was seriously contemplating a jump to the next level, something he’s successfully done before, but this time he didn’t have the energy. Instead he just plonked himself down and rolled over, displaying his magnificent belly for a nice tummy rub. And really, there’s nothing on the top shelf worth jumping after. No cat food, anyway.

And now, if you’ll look up a bit and demonstrate a wee bit more energy than Hilbert, you’ll see a short message from our CEO, Monika Bauerlein. (She’s cheating, of course, since it links to a much longer message. That’s a journalist for you.) I’ll add a little something to it: I would love your donation of $5. But I would love you twice as much for a donation of $10. And I would love you ten times as much for a donation of $50. And here’s an offer for you: Make a donation of $500 or more (tax deductible!), and I’ll send you an unframed (but still ready for hanging) 11×17 print¹ of any Lunchtime Photo or Friday Catblogging you want. Just email me your address and a URL for the photo, and you’ll get it in a couple of weeks or so.

¹Approximately. The exact size depends on the cropping.