Lunchtime Photo

Marian and I were up at Big Bear this weekend for a little birthday getaway. Naturally there are pictures. First, though, since we’re getting close to Halloween, here’s a seasonal picture of some pumpkins.

On our way home we stopped at Oak Glen, famous for its apple orchards. Specifically, we stopped at the Parrish Pioneer Apple Ranch. Mainly this was because we wanted to find a restroom, but the place was packed and we could barely find a parking space. When we did, we discovered that there really weren’t many apples there—although the bakery did have a $22 apple pie for sale. In fact, the biggest display out front was this bunch of pumpkins, so I took a picture for the blog. Also, they had a nice llama.

But the real reason for putting this up is to make sure I don’t get obsessed with finding the perfect pumpkin picture. It’s entirely possible. Once I’ve put up a pumpkin picture on the blog, however, I know that I’ll lose all interest, which is just what I want. So here you go.

October 21, 2018 — Oak Glen, California