Lunchtime Photo

When we were up at Big Bear, I figured I might as well try some night sky shooting. So off I went, driving the entire time with a nearly full moon staring straight at me. But I was oblivious. Only after I had finally gotten to my shooting spot did it suddenly occur to me that a nearly full moon meant that I wasn’t going to do any night sky shooting.

I tried a bit anyway, but then gave up and turned my attention to taking pictures that benefit from a full moon. It turned out that the spot I had chosen was apparently some kind of local trysting and/or beer drinking location, because there was a beat-up old rattan couch sitting there surrounded by bits of trash. So I took a series of pictures of that, lighting it with my flashlight to get a sort of creepy Halloweenish look.

Stay safe tonight, and keep all the cats inside.

October 20, 2018 — San Bernardino National Forest, California