Trump Lied About E-Verify During 2016 Campaign

As we all know, nothing matters. Still:

President Trump’s company plans to institute E-Verify, a federal program that allows employers to check whether new hires are legally eligible to work in the United States, in every one of its golf clubs, hotels and resorts, following a Washington Post report that its club in Westchester County, N.Y., employed undocumented immigrants for years….The move is the first acknowledgment by the president’s private business that it has failed to fully check the work status of all its employees, despite Trump’s claims during the 2016 campaign that he used E-Verify across his properties. At the time, he called for the program to be mandatory for all employers.

Just another routine lie. Is there anything he actually told the truth about during the 2016 campaign? There have to be one or two things, don’t there?