A Few Quick Opinions

I’ve gotten requests for my take on several things that I don’t really have a full post in me about. So here’s a quickie summary instead:

  • Virginia: Northam should go and Fairfax should go, but Herring should stay. He fessed up, explained what happened, and apologized. My view is that this is sufficient for the level of offense at issue.
  • Abramson: I don’t personally consider a few bits of quasi-plagiarism at the paragraph level to be any big deal in a book-length work. So I don’t care about what Jill Abramson did.
  • The border: Unlike Nancy Pelosi, I don’t have a big problem with building bits and pieces of a southern border wall. My biggest objection is that I think it’s a waste of money, but it would hardly be the first time money has been wasted in search of a political deal. So yes, I’d support some kind of compromise deal with Trump.
  • Tips: Delivery companies need to stop stealing their drivers’ tips. This is not rocket science.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.