Trump’s Budget Cuts Spending on Vets, Farmers, Students, Seniors and the Poor

As long as we’re on the subject of the president’s budget, here’s the nickel summary in chart format:

There are more details in the full budget document. For example, Trump proposes to reduce crop subsidies by $22 billion. You betcha. Student loan “reform” will save $200 billion and “streamlining” conservation programs will save $9 billion. Tort reform will save $31 billion. Sure it will. “Enhancing” the VA pension program will save $3 billion. Eliminating manufacturers’ discounts will cut Medicare prescription payments by $75 billion and reducing payments to providers will save another $400 billion. Eliminating cost-of-living increases and raising contribution levels will save $135 billion in federal pension costs. “Reforming” SNAP will save $220 billion. “Testing new approaches” to disability will save $48 billion. The post office gets cut by $98 billion. Making it harder to apply for EITC and the child tax credit will save $68 billion.

You get the idea. Give big tax breaks to the rich and then cut spending on vets, farmers, students, seniors, and the poor. What’s not to like?