“The unreadable Salon”

Bill gives FBI blanket wiretapping powers

October 14, 1998


I am a conservative/libertarian columnist for a Virginia newspaper. I am just dropping you a note to let you know that I read your on-line edition regularly, even though politically we are hardly walking hand in hand.

Not that it matters much to you, I suppose, but you earn points with me for your principled stand on issues. You flack for no particular party or, even worse, for Clinton (like the unreadable Salon). Giving Bob Barr his due for being the only one in the House upset about this invasive wiretap law was a pleasant surprise and only adds to your magazine’s maverick reputation.

Jim Lakely

Deep pockets

Temporary Madness

October 14, 1998

I am a self-employed artist and I supplement my income from time to time with temp work. Therefore, I was very interested in your article “Temporary Madness” by Aaron Rothenburger.

I do want to tell you about one organization that is set up to represent the interests of self-employed, freelance, and temp employees. They do not have the deep pockets of the temp industry, but they are worth checking out. Their website is: http://www.workingtoday.org/index.html

Ellen Zucker

Do you swear to deceive the public…

Presidential Lies and Consequences

October 12, 1998

Great research, but those Presidents weren’t under oath when they lied. That is the hook in Clinton’s story—they made him swear to tell the truth and he didn’t.

Another slimy politician goes down—no great loss, but when will there be an honest one? Now THAT’s a story!

Joe Bradford


October 10, 1998

To: The Editors

I am a registered Democrat, and am embarrassed for our party. In regard to the above referenced article you only mention in passing what is the key point. President Clinton almost certainly lied under oath, and quite possibly encouraged others to lie under oath.

Yes, other Presidents have lied. Millions of Americans have lied. No law requires absolute honesty, unless the person is under oath.

President Clinton has expressed complete contempt for the American legal system. He clearly feels that he is above and beyond the law. The questions he was asked were duly authorized in the context of a sexual harassment case. It was not his right (or any defendant’s right) to decide what questions he will answer honestly.

If President Clinton really believed in the policies he supposedly represents he would resign and allow Al Gore to become president well in advance of the next election. Instead he is determined to drag the country into a painful impeachment process for the sake of his own pride. He is also determined to drag the Democratic party with him and I regret that we are stupidly following.

Steven Strauss


October 9, 1998

Thanks for bringing some more perspective on this political event. I heard Ms. Larsen on KPFK-FM’S “Beneath the Surface” and looked up the article when she gave the URL. I’ll keep checking your site now that I know about it. Also the credit to Howard Zinn was appreciated—that’s the kind of honesty (NOT lying) that I value.

Marcia Sarka

MoJo Wire does Dallas

Ass-kicking, Mouse-clicking Redesign

October 8, 1998


Glad to see that the content is as informative and thought-provoking as ever, well done.

Why oh why did you change the layout? The ‘old’ one worked well. At least it did for me. It’s a real shame that the new layout is so appalling. 🙁
I hate to say it, but the site now looks like a cheap porno web page. Who dreamed up the yellow and white vertical stripes—not very easy on the eye. Not to mention the lurid green ‘bar’ sitting on top of it. Yuck!

Is it possible to spread longer articles over more than one column or at least make the column wider? A single narrow column is not very easy to read.

Anyway, I’m only criticising the format, not the message. Keep up the good work.

Richard Barrott