Kosovo coverage isn’t the same without Alex

Dispatches from Kosovo

Alex, Natasha and the girls have infiltrated my world! I need to know how they are and Alex’s take on the “peace.”

Jan Rainwater


Cheers and Jeers for Bob Harris’ Scoop

The Scoop: The Chernomyrdin Plan for Kosovo

Congratulations, you know how to spell ‘Vojvodinja.” I had to stop reading your piece [on the MoJo Wire] when I got to your fatuous comparison of Kosovo and Vojvodinja, followed by the idiotic suggestion that the zinc mines of Kosovo are the hidden ‘cassus belli’ of NATO. You and Mother Jones have demonstrated that the “new journalists” may be different from the “old journalists,” but they certainly aren’t better informed or [more] intelligent. I am curious, do you have any substantial knowledge of southeast Europe, or did you just pull together some factoids and fit them into your idea of how the world works?

Mark Nuckols


Wow. Your article in [the MoJo Wire] was very informative — maybe the best explanation of the REAL reasons for the war that I have seen! I never knew that the zinc and copper resources of Kosovo were so valuable. You perform a great public service by bringing such valuable information to the uninformed. When you can’t rely on mainstream periodicals like New York Review of Books or The Economist,it’s good to know that people like you and papers like the Exileare working hard to keep us informed.

Jack Meoff


(Updated June 30, 1999)

Wow, I am pleasantly surprised that not only did MotherJones publish my little tirade AGAINST some horrifically idiotic piece they published by Bob Harris, they were also kind enough to print my laudatory comments written under my nom de guerre of “Jack MeOff” I’m heading out for Dalmatica, but I want to say again to the exile editors, try to rise above the Robert Parry/Howard Zinn/bob harris view of the world, you guys are too smart to parrot the bs these guys spew.
PS they edited out my point that with zinc and copper prices at historical lows, Kosovo(a)’s minerals are absolutely unimportant to anyone except to underemployed Serbs and Albanians.

Mark Nuckols