The CIA: Worried about a lot more than just secret ink

Trust Us, We’re Spies

There is a tendency to portray the CIA as a bunch of bumbling morons. This is an image they probably don’t mind too much, as it hides their deadly effectiveness that the people of Chile, Cuba, Grenada, East Germany and many other countries around the globe can testify to.

Secret ink? Don’t make me laugh. Remember what was going on in 1917/1918, or have Americans already forgotten? Does the name Lenin ring a bell? Twenty-one countries intervened to crush the Bolshevik revolution, including the USA, and you believe that the CIA was worried about secret ink? I would love to see their documents from this time period, but by the time we finally get that chance it will indeed all be about secret ink, while the real stuff has gone to either an even more secret vault or to the shredder and incinerator.

Hanne Gidora


China, corporations, and communism, oh my!

Communism for Profiteers

To the Editor,

Thank you very much for exposing this SICK event by traitors who inhabit this great country, the United States of America. This is just further proof of the slow destruction of our civilization and the ideals it was based upon. We need to wake up and realize that a corporation’s charter can be revoked. The people do have the power to revoke them and/or to change the charters to benefit the country that has given them the right to exist.

This can become accomplished through dissemination of information. However, almost all media sources boil down to three top corporations who control the media, who are in turn controlled by either corporations who benefit (i.e. GE) or those who pay for the advertising.

As the middle class loses itself in a sea of debt payments more people are starting to wake up to the realities of our new pirates, the corporations.

Thank you for your article,
David Pifer


The Wire: Neglecting domestic issues and pleasing conservatives


I’m a long time supporter and I have subscribed to Mother Jones magazine for years. Lately I’ve been checking out your web site, and I have to say that I think you are shooting yourselves in the foot with the almost total lack of domestic articles. You’ve beaten the foreign issues to death! I know they’re very important, but don’t let your readers lose interest because you have become too focused on foreign affairs.

Just a suggestion. Thanks for listening.

David Pifer


Dear [gender/sexual preference/religious/hair-style neutral salutation],

Well. I must say; as a rightwingextremistradical, I enoyed your on-line publication more than I would have imagined. On a search for Huston Smith, I ended up reading every word in “The world of Religion According to Huston Smith” and all the related articles in the November/December 1997 archive. Oh, a little circular logic here, some proof by assertion there, but overall not much to complain about.

You may also be gratified to know that I bit on your “Who won’t Clinton sell arms to?” teaser. As a charter-member Clinton-hater, I was pleased to see this small bit of truth get out. Of course, I’m sure there’s lots in your publication that would make me (how to say this delicately?) retch, so I didn’t wander too far.

All-in-all you’re not nearly as goofy as I thought. (And they say conservatives are not open-minded.)

Jim Falter