What is the CIA really hiding?

Trust Us, We’re Spies

One thought came to mind as I was reading the article, “Trust Us, We’re Spies.” The CIA may be hiding something they don’t want us to know, not because it may anger foreign governments or foreign people, but because it might anger US citizens.

The body of men in Washington DC, men calling themselves our representatives, have treated Native Americans, African Americans and Japanese Americans as enemies and outcasts. Is it likely that the CIA may have information which indicates that they engaged in activities harmful to these people? Maybe the CIA has spent money trying to rid this nation of certain people. Maybe the CIA is hiding other secrets which, if made public, would cause a rebellion leaders in Washington DC fear most.

We need to review our history. If the CIA is ordered to release documents pertaining to the early years of this century, we may be able to estimate how much they spent on negative incidents which affected the people of this land.

Perhaps, we think we live in a democratic society. Perhaps, we are given enough length on our leashes for us to imagine that we are free.

We are free, but subject to obey a mounting weight of laws to control us while certain groups and agencies make their own laws at our expense.

Treva L. Van Fossen


His MoJo is Rising

Why Gun Control Legislation Always Fails

Maybe you people haven’t had enough time to let the truth sink in yet. The NRA’s money comes from its members and extra donations. The NRA is funded by gun owners. Their big money comes from this minority group you so hate.

Further, you’re surprised that the NRA spends its money defending the God-given right of gun owners in this nation. That’s right, it’s a God-given right. An inalienable right. A right that the government has no business trying to whittle away because a lot of frightened people get upset over a few isolated incidents.

If a criminal wants to cause trouble for me, I’ve got my MoJo in my holster. Where’s yours in the same situation?

Byron Solomon
Brockton, MA