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The MoJo Wire’s Shell Ads

While I appreciate Mother Jones’ forthright statement in defense of its business policy decision, I question the declaration that purchased space is free expression; I certainly don’t have the resources to speak as freely as Shell does.

Jeff Bakke
Key Largo, FL

I saw some of the controversy about the Shell banners placed on the Mojo Wire…

Thought you might enjoy a chevron ad banner spoof we placed on our site…

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Gus D’Angelo

The failure of the liberals

Same-Sex Wedding Jitters

Ms. Olin states to the effect: How can we let the right wing and the fundamentalists intrude into people’s private lives? Dear Katy; the left has been doing that exact thing for generations. Be careful when you frame an argument in such a simplistic way. The very fact that Americans pay over a third of what they earn in taxes is proof of that. Just about every law enacted “intrudes” into peoples’ private lives, when you think about it. Why are you so incensed and disgusted that the “normal” people out there who value tradition and standards finally are standing up for what is important to them?

Conservatives of all stripes will always be a force to be reckoned with in today’s politics, because they are for the most part more inherently sensible and prudent in their approach than liberals (pardon me, “progressives”). I know everyone wants to be right, but let’s face it, the past 30 years have shown the glaring failure of the liberal approach.

Bruce Rudolph
Richmond, Va.


Reader: Star of David used as gang symbol in Wisconsin

The Scoop: The GOP Iowa Poll Winner May Have Had Prior Experience With Straws…and various other stupidity

I’m not claiming the following fact would vindicate banishing the Star of David from public schools, but it is used, for whatever reason, as an identifying mark by members of the Gangster Disciples in every Wisconsin chapter from La Crosse to Green Bay to Milwaukee.

anonymous reader

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