To the moon with Lockheed?

Lockheed Martin’s Own Private Arms Race

If I remember correctly, the first F-22 crashed on takeoff at Edwards Air Force Base back in 1991. It was on CNN. The wings seemed to flap for a few seconds before they fell off. Maybe we should keep the older (flyable) F-16’s and F-18’s and sell the F-22’s to our potential adversaries. That way everybody is happy.

Al Siffer

I rarely read Mother Jones, but I have to applaud your article. My brother works with a Lockheed spin-off (L-3 Communications) and I have been giving him “the business” about the much-too-cozy corporate relationship Lockheed has with Israel. You can bet one of “the allies” referred to was Israel.

I would like to suggest another area of interest to you: Lockheed’s VentureStar program, intended to replace the space shuttle. I recently read that NASA gave Lockheed $1 billion in taxpayers’ money for this project, now called x-22.

Las Vegas billionaire Robert T. Bigelow, recently interviewed in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, says that Lockheed will most likely be his corporate partner in commercializing space travel to the moon. Don’t look now, but the international capitalists of the New World Order are planning to extend the global economy into outer space!

Patrick Flaherty