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Lockheed Martin’s Own Private Arms Race

The F-22 program was started in 1979 as the advanced tactical fighter (ATF) program, not in 1991 as the article states. Since then, more than $20 billion has been invested in its development, compared to a total R&D cost of $1.8 billion for the F-15 and $2.9 billion for the F-16.

It should also be noted that the F-16s we export are better than those in our own arsenal, because they lack all the extras crammed into the plane due to political considerations. This makes them lighter and gives them more fuel capacity, in addition to decreasing manufacturing, shipping, and overall costs.

Jon Lottman
Producer, America’s Defense Monitor
Washington, DC

I have another angle to your story.

Lockheed is also selling its Theatre Missile Defense System technology to Japan in the form of the THAAD missile. What this sale does, in effect, is re-create the Star Wars missile-defense system in NE Asia — where the so-called North Korean threat is being used as an excuse to arm US allies. Japan is not only “defending” itself, but has re-armed itself due to re-written guidelines between the US and Japan. Japan is now, except for a stipulation in the US-written Constitution, able to intervene in any “war scenario” which the US enters in Asia.

Perhaps the most long-reaching effect the TMD/ THAAD missile export will have is that Lockheed must catapult past the 1973 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty written with the then-USSR which outlaws such sales, or technology. By the guidelines of that treaty, not only has Lockheed-Martin broken international treaties to create the system,but it has also been getting the funding from the Pentagon in times when such funds were specifically budgeted for other military purposes.

As we speak, Republicans are moving in to tear down the ABM Treaty, and Clinton is expected to sign a bill allocating $10.6 billion for TMD development. Essentially, what is being said is that the US no longer fears the “mutual annihilation” which once threatened the Cold War world. As long as the bombs are being dropped in NE Asia, and the US wars are being fought by others, annihilation of the rest of the world is okay.

Josh Parr

Reader: What happened to Waco?

Why no coverage about Waco? What about the recent press? Why does Mother Jones continue to ignore the story? Mother Jones is just as bad as the Spectator. Y’all are mouthpieces for the elites.

Michael Richardson

China: US business vs. democracy?

Communism for Profiteers

I am a conservative Christian who often disagrees with a lot of your articles, but I do agree with your recent article on China. I think you’re right on when it comes to our nation’s continual compromise on democracy in China. No business or political interests in China should conflict with our nation’s pro-democracy principles and vision.


Marcus Tovar
Colorado Springs, CO

Indignation towards Shell misplaced

The MoJo Wire’s Shell Ads

Gee, Shell sure must be a real bad corporation. I see that many of your readers are quite indignant that you allow them to advertise on your website. Of course, Shell does many bad things; almost any organization of that size will commit various crimes and misdemeanors. However, I think that most of your indignant readers forget that Shell is, after all, primarily in the business of finding oil and refining gasoline. Many of Shell’s abuses arise from the scale and the nature of this business. However, it is ultimately based upon the desire of millions of American and other customers of Shell (and the other major oil companies) to drive automobiles.

Environmental and labor abuses are quite nearly inevitable if you want to have a steady supply of millions of gallons daily of petrol products. Therefore, I think that the object of indignation is improperly placed. Automobile drivers, and petrol consumers in general, deserve as much or more moral blame than the oil companies, who are in a sense merely our servants. People who are offended by Shell’s ads are, in my opinion, either blind or hypocritical, or both.

Mark Nuckols

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