Telephone Tumors: The Plot Thickens

Cell Phone Nightmare Returns

I believe this subject is far too important to give just one side of the story. At the same time that George Carlo released his results, the Royal Society of Canada came out with results that countered Carlo’s findings. This report found that RF fields do not increase brain tumor incidence.

This is an interesting situation — the industry scientist finds that cellular causes brain cancer, while the public, non-industry group finds that RF isn’t harmful in that way. I would’ve thought it would turn out the other way.

However, as is usually the case with clinical tests of this type, there is a good deal of interpretation of results. Unfortunately, there is such a degree of disagreement, that the MAIN piece of evidence, Dr. Michael Repacholi’s report (which supposedly claims a doubling of Lymphoma) can, and is, being interpreted as both a positive and a negative finding.

Brian Costello

How does health risk compare between using a cell phone for 1-2 hours a day versus sitting in an office cubicle-farm full of cathode ray tubes for 8 hours a day?

Just curious and wondering if there’s a story in there somewhere…

Michael Kemp

Reader Outraged by Poetry Ad

I’m shocked, shocked that MJ will stoop to placing the National Library of Poetry ad.

This is akin to inviting Publisher’s Clearinghouse onto your webpage.

Mark Worden

There’s Radar, and Then There’s Radar

Concrete Bombs or Rocks for Brains?

I read your article this morning, and on the whole it seemed fair and balanced. I hope you are aware that there are different types of radars used in air defense. Some radars are used to provide general coverage over a large area (similar to many air traffic control radars used throughout the world). Other radars provide specific targeting data used to guide missiles or to provide AAA with high quality cueing to complete a successful engagement.

Illuminating aircraft with these type of radars, in a combat environment, is normally considered an indication of hostile intent. You would have to refer to ONW specific ROE (rules of engagement) to see if that qualifies in this case. Hopefully this explains to you why aircrews would react after being “merely tracked by Iraqi radar.”

Vik Sardana

C’mon and Fast Like a Man, Why Doncha?

Starving for Attention

Your article concerning a gay man who has been fasting for less than a month is a joke. Fasting is not a protest tool; it’s supposed to be a spiritual encounter. Attempting to make a statement through fasting is ludicrous enough, but for you to draw attention to it is beyond me! I have entered into and completed numerous 40-day fasts and even completed a 60 day fast. If you want this guy to have some attention, what about a challenge? Try a 60 DAY FAST between him and me to illustrate the POWER of the GAY LIFESTYLE vs. A RELIGIOUS LIFESTYLE. What about it? Let’s see what this guy is made of.

Robert L. Ohman