Mr. Durst, I assume you are a longtime Democrat, and your parents were the same, and you have never really made anything of yourself.

You incorrectly in call the future president “George II.” He is George W., not George Jr.

Bob Jones University needs to look at a number of their traditions and come into the 21st century, as do many private and state funded schools. Because our future president spoke there does not make him a card-carrying member and 100 percent supporter of the beliefs of this university. If that were the case, I would then expect you to move to a foreign land immediately following President Bush’s inauguration next January.

All educated economists will tell you that our economy today is a product of the changes made by the Bush/Quayle administration, and fortunately our current president was so busy fornicating in the “Ovary Examining Office” that he allowed our Republican Congress to continue those changes and direction started by our future president’s father. I ask that you retract your your “Dumb & Dumber” comments based merely on the facts that I have stated.

Your concerns of Mr. Bush’s momentum being slowed are unwarranted. This is an election, a rather long process including all registered voters of the United States. Being a betting man, I would love a gentlemen’s wager, if you are so inclined, on the success of Mr. Bush. I will then carry that win over to the general election for a double or nothing bet. Are you interested are will you hide behind your keyboard?

Well, enough said now. I must return to work so I can pay more taxes to fund our government because there unfortunately are too many people out there with chirping mouths looking for handouts and freebies!

In short, I impugn your writings and suggest that if you were paid for this article, return the money. It has zero merit and totally lacks in humor.

Carter Speer

Better to have a famous hypocrite …

RE: “Earthy Icon or Polluter’s Apologist?


Yes, Fox may have damaged a beach. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is a hypocrite. But, there are tons of benefits to having DiCaprio as an important part of Earth Day.

Why? Because he is a star that is loved by the younger generation and respected by older people. The positive message he will send out to these people will outweigh the wrongs tenfold. Leonardo can raise awareness in an untapped source of people. If I’m a young teen, I don’t want to hear a boring scientist tell me the world is going to disappear as we know it — I want to hear someone I look up to and adore.

We live in a Hollywood world, and to win the game, we have to use Hollywood ways.

Jose Martinez

Who’s afraid of the big bad conservatives?

RE: “Bush Balks


Are you liberal reporters that afraid of the Big Bad Conservative Movement, that you will never utter one positive word about George Bush? I am so sick of your basic college 101 persuasive “writings” that it aren’t funny. You can try to shape the political landscape in the mainstream (slowly becoming deadstream) press all you want, but paahhlease don’t think for a minute you can do it online.

If you bleeding heart liberals had been half as hard on your Playboy-In-Chief, Willie and his disgusting excuse for a wife, the country would have been rid of the two of them years ago.

Tom Sierak
Dracut, MA

SORM Jamming II

RE: “New KGB Takes Internet by SORM


Just a brief comment on the “jamming” concept brought up by Jukka E Isosaari on your letters page as it is applied to spy agency systems like ECHELON and quite possibly SORM. The Jam ECHELON campaign last fall followed basically the same concept, but it is not likely to be successful.

The reason has to do with a US federal government patent on a software package called “Semantic Forests” which, if any such automated analysis system exists, would certainly be running on it. According to the research publications and the patent application, Semantic Forests builds something like a conceptual model of the speech being analyzed. To jam such a system it would be necessary for the generated text to actually constitute some form of conversation, otherwise the conceptual model builder would see them as isolated fragments not likely to constitute a real target.


SORM Jamming

RE: “New KGB Takes Internet by SORM


All it takes to make these expensive spy-systems useless is a well designed “random” text generator that is able to produce suitable text given a topic or a “range” of topics. If someone sends a few hundred thousand of these per day, then all the spy-agencies get from their spy-systems is a useless pile of junk. Sorting the “real” letters out from a large amount of rubbish will be nearly impossible.

Jukka E Isosaari