Why Democrats should love Cheney

RE: “The Man Who Would Be Veep


Cheney seems like a great choice for the Republican VP running mate. Can’t think of a better choice to urge the Democrats to get off the fence and get busy. After all, we know he wants to stop all abortions, wants to bomb somebody (anybody), and that he likes being rich (who wouldn’t), even at the expense of others (now that is a different story).

Mona Hughes

Readers on Cheney: love him or hate him

RE: “The Man Who Would Be Veep


I think these responses — though in some instances they are taken out of context — demonstrate what a mistake it would be to elect Bush president. This man would have so much influence over him, and we can see how he thinks.

Melvin Williams


First, let me say I’ll never vote for W. and that Cheney is certainly a Big Oil Republican. However, even though these are direct quotes, it is indicative of the shallow journalism that has taken over political coverage. The quotes were not very revealing and are taken out of context. To do what you did in this piece reminds me of the propaganda techniques of Rush Limbaugh. Have we stooped that low?

Kyle Cole
Journalism Department, Baylor University



Hey — at least Cheney seems more honest than most of the slicksters!

Bob Sheck
Greenville, N.C.


RE: “One Chicken Bone from the Presidency


They said this about Goldwater, but it’s a lot more descriptive of Cheney: “Fascist Gun in the West.”

Don Wilson
San Francisco, Calif.



I can’t wait to replace the scumball currently in the Oval Office. The “Dumbocrats” are scared. Their past is a terrible thing to have to live down. I was a former “Dumbocrat” for 40 years, but I saw through that lying bunch of socialists. Now it’s time for a very welcome and much-needed change. We are going to have the White House fumigated.

Then we will begin returning honor, integrity, and respect to the Presidency. January cannot come soon enough. Go Bush/Cheney!

John D’Isacco
Manhattan Beach, Calif.

And Miss Ellie, too

RE: “The Man Who Would Be Veep


I sincerely hope that Al Gore selects Ann Richards as his running mate. Who better to counter the Texas oil lobby than a fellow Texan?

While Cheney is a savvy political insider, his greatest defect is his close connection to the oil business. The Democrats should do mock Dallas commercials, with J.R., Jock, etc., conspiring to go to Washington.

Joe White


I think that Dick Cheney is an honorable man who has given excellent service to our country. Despite his strong conservatism, he can work with all politicians and is generally respected. Good for W. for choosing a serious professional.

John Dennison


Will overweight people be next to sue?

RE: “Big Tobacco’s Big Loss


I agree that Big Tobacco is evil, and at one time it got away with murder. Now, however, there are warning labels on cigarettes and have been for some time. These smokers that won money want to blame someone else for their decisions. No one held cigarettes to their lips; no one inhaled the toxic smoke for them. When they developed a hacking cough and yellow teeth, they continued to smoke. Should the producers of food be held accountable for the people that eat unhealthy diets? Should every overweight person in America sue Ben & Jerry’s? If Big Tobacco is responsible for long-term smokers developing cancer, why shouldn’t food companies be held responsible for all the overweight people in America?



No thanks to tobacco plaintiffs

RE: “Big Tobacco’s Big Loss


The verdict against the tobacco industry shows what the American Dream has become: “Work hard until you get to sue for an early retirement.” Praising such ludicrous monetary awards will only continue to keep the lawyers rich. Maybe we should sue the government in civil court for failing to provide a safety net against nonsense lawsuits.

Frank E. Johnston


All about the Benjamin

RE: “Out of the Streets, Into the Senate?


Thanks for your great article on Medea Benjamin. Maybe not this time, but come the next general elections, the Greens and many other Medeas will be victorious.

Peter D. Molina