November December 2000 CoverFeatures
Trillion-Dollar Hideaway
by Ken Silverstein
Welcome to the tax-free tropics, where wealthy Americans — including many made rich by the stock market boom — have found a sunny place to stash their cash to avoid the IRS.

The Same River Twice
by Bill Donahue
A kayak journey down the Los Angeles River finds miles of concrete, great blue herons, and an ambitious vision for turning this flood control chute back into a river.

The Healing Game
photo essay by Tim Hetherington
text by Bill Berkeley

Liberia’s child veterans have lived through — and participated in — one of the decade’s most brutal civil wars. But on the soccer field, the former combatants are finding a measure of normalcy.

The Conscience of Place: Sand Creek
by Verlyn Kinkenborg
In the first of a series on forgotten places that stirred the American conscience, the author revisits the site fo teh Sand Creek Massacre, where in 1864 the Colorado Cavalry staged a savage attack on a peaceful Indian village.

Camp Fear
by Bruce Selcraig
Politicians nationwide tout boot camps as a tough-love solution to juvenile crime. But abuses — and a death — at camps in South Dakota have raised serious concerns about programs that treat kids like military recruits.

Patriotic Acts
by Bill McKibben
Reflections on civic duty, revolution, and civil disobedience in a globalized age

Readers sound off on President Clinton’s legacy, rich political candidates, and governmental anti-terrorism activities.


  • Trouble in Coca Country: For community workers on Colombia’s cocaine frontier, the war on drugs is getting personal.
  • Growing Resistance: Is agribusiness squandering one of medicine’s most potent weapons?
  • Righteous Brothers: Two of Cesar Chavez’s sons are putting farmworkers and radio on the same wavelength.
  • Underage Unions: Across the world, child laborers are banding together to demand “work with dignity.” But international labor organizations say they won’t support child-worker unions — because kids shouldn’t be working, period.
  • Hip-hop Litigator: Mother Jones’ Hellraiser of the month, Van Jones

Runway show: Las Vegas, Nevada

Power Plays: The New Political Theater
by Paul Taylor
Late-night comedy: where more Americans get their politics than any other source

The Commons
by Sue Halpern
A new federal initiative is supposed to stop road construction in large national forests. So why does it exempt the biggest one?

Media Jones

  • Media Pick: Singer-songwriter Greg Brown — why good politics doesn’t excuse bad songwriting
  • Without a Paddle — On his kayak journey down the Los Angeles River (” The Same River Twice“), Bill Donahue survived a dunking in its foul waters, an encounter with a Charles Manson look-alike, and a near beheading by a wire strung across the river. His seriocomic odyssey sent us in search of other works where an idyllic river trip falls prey to the undertow.
  • Book, music, and film reviews
  • Novel Gifts for the Holidays: A veteran organizer and University of California professor Arthur Blaustein recommends fiction titles to challenge the imagination, open the mind, and (just maybe) change the world.

Cartoon by Charise Mericle Harper