Think of a costly defense scheme, one that virtually all independent scientists say cannot work. The scheme will alienate present and future allies, and is such that any nation possessing reliable missile technology can easily counter. This will be the effect of the new Star Wars program.

We have Kosovo from which to learn, where many of the weapons from our high-tech planes blew up rubber-balloon decoy tanks. American planes turned to civilian targets. More than 500 innocent people died as we bombed buildings and bridges. This action in turn generated harsh feelings that remain today throughout much of Europe.

It’s difficult to see the logic in spending tens of billions of dollars that won’t do a shred of good.

John W. Chuckman


Whistleblowers beware

RE: “The Department of Energy’s War on Whistleblowers


Due to the Cold War mentality that shielded the nuclear industry from accountability, the Department of Energy is in bed with its contractors, producing an expensive corporate welfare system. The corporations involved are ruthless. Whistleblowers do so at their peril.

Robert H. Walters, Ph. D.
Phoenix, AZ


Starry-Eyed Wars

RE: “Star Wars II: The Next Generation


My husband refers to Star Wars as the “faith-based missile defense.”

Jo Wegstein

Ashcroft a sign of the times

RE: “Ashcroft’s Power Play


The confirmation of the man who was defeated by a dead guy in his own state and is the worst possible choice for Attorney General only shows how politically lethargic the American people have become.

Nicolo Luzie

Rumsfeld’s picking a fight

RE: “Star Wars: The Next Generation


The new administration is no longer searching for solutions to problems but for new methods for the advancement of an interest entirely their own. I find it ironic and revealing that the government is looking for new ways to defend itself amidst several proposals at more peaceful relations from neighboring Asian nations.

Nick Toll
Santa Fe, N.M.

Sell ZEVs! Lose money!

RE: “I Want My ZEV


ZEVs are marvelous technology showcases. However, it is perfectly understandable that any manufacturer of any product would want to sell as few as possible of any model which it is losing money on. On the other hand, how could we expect a government-mandated quota system to be profitable in a free-market economy? It reminds me of my favorite bumper sticker: “Crime wouldn’t pay if the government ran it.”

Anton Singh
Tampa, Fla.

It’s all lies

RE: “I Want My ZEV


Great article. I have been trying to get an electric vehicle here in Denver, Colorado, since 1992! I have e-mailed all the major companies, time and time again, only to be told there is no demand. What a bunch of lies! The media is doing a horrible job of investigative reporting these days, as the science is there. Like your article pointed out, the assembly line is in use for a reason, and the industry simply doesn’t disclose why EVs cost more. Instead, they blame it on the technology of the car itself. So the masses continue to believe in falsehoods, reinforced by the mass media.

Cory James

Stop Colombian bloodbath

RE: “Columbia’s War Comes To Town


This story gives a perfect picture of Colombian reality. Colombia is in a state of emergency. We need international support and for the world to know about our problems, conflicts, and needs. The media must help to stop this bloodbath that is destroying my country.

Antonio Fuquene

The drug war isn’t helping

RE: “Columbia’s War Comes To Town


The US government’s corrupt drug war drives drug-related policy of many countries around the world, including those in Latin and South America.

Governments should end the war on their citizens by regulating the drug trade via legalization and decriminalization. Millions of dollars are wasted fighting a battle which actually fuels the fighting more than it seeks to end it. It perpetuates racist regulation, and is diminishing many freedoms and liberties that are supposed to be guaranteed in the Constitution.

Myron Von Hollingsworth

ZEVs provide hope

RE: “I Want My ZEV


It is disheartening that these car companies are attempting to inhibit the production of a vehicle in high demand. We can’t rely on gas-powered vehicles indefinitely, and the sooner we integrate alternative technology into our transportation systems, the easier it will be to accommodate the transition to alternative fuel sources once gasoline is no longer readily available. We should be welcoming this type of technology into our lives and working to expand it. Let’s start thinking about more than our pocketbooks.

Rebecca Miller