The right to remain private
Re: “Celluloid Sirens, Then and Now

I don’t care if a candidate spent their early years having sex with monkeys while doing lines of coke off a hooker’s cleavage.

Men or women, straight or gay or bi, the private sex lives of politicians and their potentially-sordid pasts are none of our business. The personal attacks and character assassinations are distracting us from dealing with real issues.

Brendan T. Morgan
San Diego, CA


Making Mom proud

It’s great to see that there are still some people out there doing journalism for themselves, rather than letting industry and the government do it for them. I will be subscribing as soon as I can afford it. How long does it take for an issue to reach the UK?

Michael Potts


Suckers for deregulation
Re: “Lotto Economics

I guess this is what the Reagan-Bush people meant by “getting the government off the backs of the people.” (Read: off the backs of campaign contributors.) We play “sucker” whenever we patronize this system, and increasingly we have little choice but to do so.

Norbert Radtke


Big deal
Re: “Lotto Economics

So what? Everybody knows this. I don’t see the point of printing it. When people read they should get new information.

Tom Carr


The truth stinks
Re: “Lotto Economics

Right on. The truth is that the products and services available to the middle class stink — and our noses are just now getting wind of it.

Tom Edsell


Taking names
Re: “Kosovo’s Forgotten Refugees

I think Madeleine Albright and Bill Clinton made a hell hole out of Kosovo and Serbia.

Kathryn Love


Pride in the symbol
Re: “NAACP Misses the Point With Rebel Flag

You guys are right, but you shouldn’t be knocking the battle flag. Hundreds of thousands died fighting under that flag for their rights and, like the NAACP, you don’t have the right to pass judgement on it.

Michael Dean


Money trumps memory
Re: “American Memory Deficit Disorder

Most Americans can’t actually change the nation or its policies anyway, so why not forget?

Money and power gets you anything in America. Race issuesÊare just used by politicians and parties for their own agendas. Money is the only thing that means anything in America nowadays.

Gloria Hutson