Don’t cut off the run-off
Re: “Canal Cutoff”

I believe that lining the canal would be a bad idea. If the farm industry in the valley were to dry up, it may not only affect the people of Ejido Merida, but could also result in higher food costs for the people that depend on the farms. There seem to be lots of other associated costs of a community being displaced (immigration, depression, etc.), but the bottom line to me seems to be the difference in what the water means to each side.

The people of Ejido Merida depend on the water for their livelihood and survival. The people of California depend on the water to wash their cars and other non-critical uses. It seems like a heartless act when more stringent water conservation standards could be applied in California to find the same savings.

While it may be our water (by a governmental technicality), it’s that kind of thinking that makes us the heartless, imperialistic country that we are.

Aubrey Pullman


Can nuclear plants power themselves?
Re: “Nuking the Atmosphere”

I don’t think too much about this because I am confused about the facts. Obviously, without nuclear power, the only effective way to enrich nuclear fuel is to use fossil fuel, which will produce greenhouse gases. However, will the nuclear fuel thus produced help produce enough greenhouse gas-free electricity to offset the gasses produced in its manufacture? At what point would nuclear power plants be able to produce enough electricity to exceed the amount of electricity needed to produce more nuclear fuel?

Eric Stietzel


A Mexican problem
Re: “Canal Cutoff”

I think we should watch out for ourselves first. I feel sorry for the Mexican people. Really, I do. But their government — not ours — should be fixing the problem for their people.

George J. Carter Jr.


Money will always talk
Re: “Padlock the Revolving Door!”

We as Americans must start discussing ways to re-take the state and federal governments. I would add, however, one additional item: during elections, there should be no political commercials on television. Rall is correct — as long as the need for the money is there, the individuals who need the dollars and those with the dollars will find a way to meet.

Art Isgur


Cut out the middleman
Re: “Padlock the Revolving Door!”

Sorry, but the solution is not to cut off access. That clearly cannot be done — guys can always arrange a little golf match and have a chat on the 13th fairway, just as they do now. The solution is to eliminate the position of delegate by converting to direct democracy.

Fred White
Bandon, Ore.