Protective cover for Bush’s buddies
Re: “Sheltering Tax Shelters”

I think this is an obvious move by the Bush Administration to protect themselves and all of their lying, cheating corporate cronies who, otherwise, might actually be held accountable for their crimes.

Drew Nelson


Power doesn’t come without subsidies
Re: “Nuking the Atmosphere”

In the story, Jerry Taylor, the director of natural resource studies at a libertarian think tank, says that no nuclear reactors would be around if not for plentiful government subsidies.

Isn’t that even more true for Hoover Dam, TVA, and myriad other government-sponsored power projects?

I believe we’ve been subsidizing the costs of the Rural Electrification (REA) projects since the 1930’s.

Barry Havemann


New information raises flags
Re: “Viral Load”

Thank you for your fair and informative article on the AIDS dissidents. I support Christine Maggiore’s and Alive and Well ‘s very lucid and compassionate views on how to deal with the medical establishment’s twisted meanings of HIV positivity. If after twenty years they still can’t prove the connection between HIV and AIDS, and the leading cause of death from AIDS is liver failure caused by AIDS drugs, that raises some big red flags for me.

Steve Dell
San Francisco, Calif.