Other gay-oriented beer ads
Re: “Coors Courts Gays”

On the same subject but involving a different beer: No one in the media has mentioned the Miller Light commercial that centers on a gay couple in a bar. When two women across the bar start flirting with the men, they start to hold hands. I have seen this commercial a half a dozen times and I live in Savannah, Ga. We’ve come a long way if gay commercials are shown and no one mentions it in either the press, talk shows, or talk radio. Anyways, thank you for the good article.

Nancy Keiler


Local legislators love the lock-up
Re: “Debt To Society: The Real Price of Prisons”

Wow! What can I say to express the need that you have satisfied by bringing these statistics and materials together in a clear and accessible way. The Debt To Society series will be a reference guide standard for America for years to come.

It is a shame that you didn’t get this quote from yesterday’s Morning Call, a newspaper in Allentown, Penn. President of the Pennsylvania state legislature Matthew Ryan, a Republican, spoke to the Lehigh County Chamber of Commerce about “How business gets heard.” Ryan said, “The state has earmarked about a billion extra dollars to go into state correctional facilities over the coming years… And to keep those facilities filled, we put another $36 million into the state police.”

Keep on kickin’. Thanks for doing a great job.

Pat Rogers
Allentown, Penn.


Mojo’s far out and way off
Re: “Coors Courts Gays”

I don’t agree that anyone who opposes homosexual advocacy or abortion is necessarily right-wing. I know some very fine people who are not conservative but don’t agree with these ideas. Are these so-called watchdog groups comparing President Bush who has been called “right-wing” with a monster like Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini? These groups are really just showing their ignorance of what we were really fighting for in World War II.

Ronald Foltz


A boycott is in order
Re: “Coors Courts Gays”

Until Coors completely cuts of its right-wing contributions, I won’t be buying any Coors beer. Period.

Liz Burnside


Mojo’s straw man argument
Re: “Coors Courts Gays”

In your article, you mention David Horowitz’s article about slavery reparations. You say that he posed the idea that “black Americans benefited from slavery.” You don’t clarify his position and actually twist his words to fit your agenda.

In two places in his text could you extract this perverted view of his position. The first: He said that since slavery created wealth for all Americans, then it had to create wealth for African Americans as well. He then goes to show how, on average, African Americans are much better off financially than black people around the world. The second: He mentions how not all African Americans were slaves. In fact, some of them were slave-owners or slave traders. He mentions how this group of people benefited from slavery, but only to prove the point that not one singular race-group is guilty of comitting the crime of slavery.

You had valid points in your article, but your credibility has been destroyed because you couldn’t resist a perversion of the truth.

Jason Williamson


No surprise
Re: “Coors Courts Gays”

We act like Coors is doing something new and unexpected. The Coors gay kid is a marketing tool and nothing more.

William E. Calhoun
Oakland, Calif.


Proving their point
Re: “Faith-Based Discrimination”

The Salvation Army animation is cute and, to some of us, sadly poignant, but knowing my conservative Catholic mother, it just won’t help. She will see this as yet another way we gays are trashing her preciously-held, if brittle, faith.

Curtis Fallgren


Globalization could outlaw social justice
Re: “It’s a Small World”

Unfettered globalization would end the freedom of sovereign nations to impose social justice sanctions. The trend toward globalization can only lead to a ban on economic pressure triggered by social justice concerns. (The labelling of genetically modified food could be attacked as a barrier to trade.)

There are ways to pressure America to avoid globalization: International consumers could boycott American goods. Private, corporate, and governmental investors could divest themselves of American holdings. Tourists could cancel their American vacations.

James Vasile


Democrats lock up more minorities
Re: “Debt to Society: The Real Price of Prisons”

The most extreme disparities between white and nonwhite incarceration rates are not in the South, but in northeastern Democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Nationwide, nonwhites are locked up at four times the rate of whites. Eighteen states incarcerate African Americans at ten to twenty times the rate they lock up whites.

It would seem that Democrats are much more prone to incarcerate minorities than those mean spirited Republicans. You might set aside some time to study this phenomenon.

Taylor Mullaly


Coors’ true colors
Re: “Coors Courts Gays”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of Coors supporting right-wing policies. Thanks for showing what they’re really made of. If people are given the right information and facts they always respond correctly both at the voting booth and in the marketplace.

Dean Muesing


No heroes on left or right
Re: “Outing Torturers”

The methods of the Argentine and Chilean juntas should turn the guts of civilized people everywhere. But do not turn every disappeared from that era into a gentle martyr. Let’s not create heroes were there were no heroes at the time. The violence of the guerillas of Argentina and Chile is the same violence that plagues Colombia today. The war between the left and the right in Latin America is like watching two scorpions dance. The heroes are poor suffering peoples of the Americas who have been the unwilling victims of the Cold War. The best thing that could happen is if both the old bomb-throwing left-wing activists and the old right-wing torturers both retired and let the people find their own democratic way.

Lazaro S. Rodriguez