A greener way to live
Re: “Green Cities”

As a basis for the development of a green plan, let’s start with conservation. Imagine the energy savings if we encouraged networked neighborhood gardening projects and collective kitchens. Pedestrian-friendly urban planning could help too.

Jorge Lausell


Arizona leading the way?
Re: “Donor-Free Democracy”

I have lived in Arizona for 25 years. This is the first time that I’ve been proud of our politics.

The excesses of our national system of the powerful and greedy calling the shots is finally becoming distasteful to the “proles.” One has hope that this movement will catch the imagination of activists in the other 46 states.

David Perlin


Direct democracy just isn’t US
Re: “Donor-Free Democracy”

This country was founded as a constitutional republic, not a democracy. I agree with your point, but a democracy is nothing more than mob rule. Democracy causes all kinds of ill effects to this country.

Encourage your readers to vote for people who will represent and defend the Constitution and the republic it helps to govern.

Michael J. Keretzman


Call a spade a spade
Re: “Donor-Free Democracy”

Great article.

We should stop using the word “contributions” and just call them what they are: bribes.

Mike Holland
Belmont, Calif.


Coors back in the doghouse
Re: “Coors Courts Gays”

Whether Scott Coors is gay or not, considering the overwhelming support his family is giving to anti-gay groups and organizations, I think it’s time to stop buying their beer again.

Because I liked Coors, I started buying it again when it seemed that they had stopped their aggressive anti-gay practices. I wasn’t aware of their financial support record so I guess I am, once again, an ex-Coors drinker.

Steve Krotz