Ending oppression is women’s work
Re: “Demanding to be Heard”

The women of Afghanistan must play a crucial role in the future of their country. There has been 20 years of bloodshed under the fundamentalist patriarchy. History has proven that the oppression can only really be ended by women themselves.

Jane Evershed


Stop the witch hunt
Re: “Pot Club Crackdown”

Just as we have the right to choose our own religion so should we have the right to choose what is best for our own health. DEA head Asa Hutchinson and the agents involved should be disciplined for taking part in this witch hunt. The Feds should be stopped. What a mean-spirited waste of money.

Doug Johnson


Economic aid package aids the rich
Re: “Stimulus Scan”

Thank you for this eye-opener. It’s sad that whenever the public hears the words “economic stimulus,” we think that it is something that must be well intentioned. Instead, it is often a cover for the rich to try to get even richer.

Matthew J. Bogue