Dissenting Opinions
Re: “The Progressive Duck-and-Cover”

The American people are scared and feel cornered. The government failed them on Sept. 11, and yet, it is the government which the people rely on to get us out of this mess. So not only are people scared but they can’t really trust that things will get better.

But trust is all we’ve got. So, we hear the cries for unity. For some politicians to seemingly work against that unity is practically suicide. Careful and measured steps must be taken as powerful foes will move to obliterate any challenge to the present reactions to Sept. 11.

We must all begin to realize the deep worries of the American people and not react too hastily. Acting too hastily will just drive the people further into the corner.

Thank our forefathers for the free press, eh?

Bob Ferguson

I have been waiting in vain, since Sept. 11 for the Democrats to debate and question the war and all that it involves. Thank you for the wonderful article by Todd Gitlin. Hopefully more progressives will gain some courage soon, and speak with integrity regarding the administration’s all-out war policy. Bush and his war-mongerers must be stopped. I will send your article to my senators and representatives.

Evelyn Grandinetti

I think you sound just like the sorry socialists from Europe in the way you want to stop any spread of the war. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that if we don’t stop the terror now we will be looking at far worse attacks then the one we sustained on Sept. 11. We need more leaders who will follow the course taken by the greatest generation when they won the Second World War. If you can’t fight for your country then go find a new place to live.

Karen Fleischmann

What do I think? I think that these progressives are smart enough to understand that criticizing Bush and the war is enormously unpopular with a vast majority of the American People. The good senator Daschle is finding that out for himself. Criticism of this kind only results in the proverbial “shooting oneself in the foot”. If constituents don’t agree with what their representatives are saying, they speak very loudly at the polls.

Shirley Garza


Keep Our Peacekeepers Here
Re: “Deporting to Death”

We need all the committed peace activists that we can get. Sanchez has no worse skeletons in his closet than many of our priests and politicians.

Patricia Neveleff


Death Sentence No Consolation
Re: “Shadow Figures: A Portrait of Life on Texas Death Row “

What do I think? A myriad of emotions. As a victim of a death row inmate I think sadness would be an appropriate emotion. My husband was murdered in 1989 and his murderer is on death row on final appeal. It gives me no consolation to know that his life, too, will probably end soon leaving people hurting in the wake.

His death will not change one thing for me or my daughters; it won’t cause happiness nor fill a vengeful void. It is just too bad that his own sorrow brought on so much to others underserving. I personally believe in the death penalty but is doesn’t cause me joy, and I may not even witness the execution of my husband’s killer.

Darlene Read