Why Jail at All?
Re: “Out of Jail, in the Spotlight”

Oh for cryin out loud. Roy should sue to recover her fine which was extorted under extreme circumstances. Who wants to voluntarily stay in jail, except saints like Mandella or Ghandi? This wonderful writer has life to live, pieces to write.

Rebecca English


Help for Chlordane Victims
Re: “Still Dumping After All These Years”

I found your article Still Dumping After All These Years online. I was poisoned by chlordane at a young age, and know more about this chemical than the average citizen.

Your article is very good, but I take issue with one point. It implies that the only way that Americans can be harmed by chlordane and heptachlor is by eating food from overseas. I wish this were true.

Over 30 million homes in this country are contaminated, and countless public buildings, hospitals and schools. These chemicals are very long-lasting. 40 years is not enough time to make treated structures safe. This is the legacy of Velsicol that is passed down through the generations in this country.

Could you cover this aspect of the Velsicol story?

You can learn more on the website www.dcci.com/toxfree/. This is the site of Richard Cassidy, Ph.D. I have used his air testing service, and he is quite a specialist on these chemicals. Nice guy, with his own personal chlordane illness story.

David Dudine


Calling on Whitman
Re: “Whitman Warms the Bench”

Indeed she should resign in protest. Her resignation would be tantamount to an admission of her own naivete. She joined an administration that laughs at the world’s priorities. Sadly, at best, she would bring attention to the issues after the damage has been done. Going public with her differences prior to accepting the post would have brought needed attention to the administration. It’s too late now, she joined the gang. Shame on them, shame on her. This administration has played the ultimate “game” more openly and blatantly than any other administration before it. Their personal self interests are not the slightest bit veiled, and Ms. Whitman helped to install the agenda. It’s hard to believe that she did not know the agenda going in. If she didn’t , then she bought a ticket on the “ship of fools. ” Call her naive, call her ignorant, call her late. She’s no better than the rest. Even if she resigned, who in the mainstream popular news reporting machine would report this as anything but a foolish official reaching her level of incompetence.

Walter Didmenico


As much as it disheartens me to read and understand Christy Whitman’s ineffectiveness, I do not think her resigning would be of benefit. Although the media would cover her resignation for a few days, or perhaps until a successor was named, we could very well end up with someone worse, just another member of the “old boy’s oil club.” After all, who among Republicans is an environmentalist? They are few and far between, and Bush is not likely to choose any of them (whomever they might be) given the oil in his veins!

Connie Rubin
North Canton, OH


I believe that as long as our governments are controlled by those who have nothing but profit as their driving force, nothing will change.

The American public for the most part is content to put any concerns aside for future generations to deal with. Until and unless there are serious and highly visible changes in the environment, I personally can’t see many changes in thinking.

Jack N. Understeller


Dear Ms. Whitman…..

I realize that it has been a difficult year for you and maybe you, your brethren need a break, a retreat somewhere. Further, I understand that eco-tourism is flourishing at the south pole, so how about rounding up George, Dick, John, Rumy, any or all Frepers, oh! yes…Condi also, and go camping on an ice sheet next to the ocean, in Antarctica. Stay awhile, test the controversy of “good science” verses “bad science.” See what you come up with and let us know, sometime.

Gary L


Speak, Progressives!
Re: “The Progressive Duck-and-Cover”

Maybe I’ve been out in the field too long. I’ve grown to appreciate — even admire — the testy behaviors of snakes and alligators. I know what they will do and won’t do. Not so for the two-legged variety.

All this comes by way of a defense for our progressives. Granted, not a perfect one. But when the top Democrats are sent letters of anthrax, you’ve got to believe there is a “freezing” effect, to borrow a football term. It’s has to make you more cautious for all the right reasons. It should also make you as angry, as angry as you have ever been in your life.

Where is that anger? I don’t know. Here in Florida, I’ve got a Bush of my own who is peeling the constitutional rights off the citizens of Florida like paint on cheap furniture. There’s more than anger missing. Where are the guys that can’t be blasted or blacklisted — tenured academes and vested journalists? You can’t sling a dead cat in Florida without hitting a dozen or more of them. Why are they so quiet?

But like I said, maybe I’ve been out in the field too long.

Joel B. McEachern
Mt. Dora, FL