Who Will Defend Reason in the Mideast?
Re: “Blindness and Madness”

Professor Gitlin’s article is wise and to the point. But who will supress Hamas and other terrorists? A new Palestinian leadership? Who and how will this be put into place? And what if, as is likely, American peacekeepers become the target of attacks by suicide bombers?

Eve Fleisher-Levi

Things are so heated one would wish we could say, “Return to your corner” to each side involved and give them time to cool off and think. But, not being able to do that I think the US (through the UN) should work to establish a de-militarized zone separating Israel from Palestine. It has worked in Korea and now after long years each side may be entertaining a peaceful settlement.

The problem is, the area is situated so that division is a hard thing. Neither side wants to give up their “choice” historic territory. Here is where the clergy comes in. By involving important religious leaders, I believe there will be more cooperation between the two sides in establishing this no-fight zone. Islamic clergy needs to step up and denouce suicide bombing as a route to eternal life. Jewish clergy needs to remind its following of how awful its persecution was and to not inflict it on others.

Finally, both nations need to work to better educate their youth. It will take a generation of goodwill, at least. If all involved cooperate.

D.E. Dean
Savannah, Ga

I think that any international forces sent into Palestine/Israel should not be led by NATO or the US unilaterally. I do think, most likely, an international force will be essential in controlling the uncontrolled furies of the Middle East, but it must be a force under the auspices of the United Nations; and those forces must not, overtly or covertly, be dominated by the US. It is time for the US to be out, out, out of the role of world policeman.

Alice Hamers
Lakeland, FL


Quitting in Protest
Re: “Clearing the Air”

Eric Schaeffer was right to resign. The way things are leading today, it will take a national emergency of some kind to make people wake up and start pressuring their public representatives, senators, and congressman to take action on the environment. I fear that corruption in the Beltway is staggering. The history of democracy is filled with the names of men and women who have sacrificed personal gain for the greater good of society. Eric Schaeffer is one of those people. Is he alone?

John J. Perricone

I read this article with great sadness, and I am writing to you with a prayer: Please, God, bring back Al Gore.

I think that unless Gore stands up and starts giving voice to these issues, we are never going to be able to recover from the crimes being perpetrated on the earth by this administration. Schaeffer’s gesture was admirable, but Gore is the only one with national credibility on the environment to focus the world’s attention on this issue.

David Barrymore