May/June 2002

The Stealth Crusade by Barry Yeoman

On a quiet college campus in South Carolina, evangelical Christians are plotting to eliminate the Muslim world — one convert at a time


Without a Safety Net by Barbara Ehrenreich and Frances Fox Piven

Six years ago, politicians celebrated welfare reform as a way to get poor families off the dole and into the job market. But they left out one detail: What happens when the jobs disappear?

To Work and Die in Juarez by Evelyn Nieves

Scores of female factory workers have been murdered in the maquiladora border town of Ciudad Juarez. Now a coalition of Mexican women is trying to make sure the killings will no longer be ignored.

The Moses Factor by Julia Cass

Civil rights veteran Bob Moses has returned to Mississippi with a new formula for empowerment: math literacy.

Dead-End Crossing Photo Essay by Gary Fabiano, Text by Amy Wilentz

Even before the violence of recent months, border crossings along the West Bank had become flash points in the brutal conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Unjust Rewards by Ken Silverstein

The government awards billions of dollars in federal contracts every year to corporations that repeatedly violate the law. A Mother Jones investigation uncovers Uncle Sam’s dirtiest business partners.



Readers sound off on Attorney General John Ashcroft, Molly Ivins’s favorite Texas politicians and collegians with credit cards.


Building a Better Bomb: Meet the Penetrator, one of the new “mini-nukes” the Bush administration wants to develop for conventional wars.

Seeds of Secrecy: The Mexican government has tried to silence scientists who discovered genetically modified corn where it doesn’t belong.

Antiabortion Ambush: Is putting photos of abortion-clinic patients on the Web and invasion of privacy? Or protected free speech?

Hellraiser: Class Activist


Patriotic poopers; booze, sweet booze; and the DEA cracks down on hemp chips.

Dispatch by Roger Atwood

Looters nearly destroyed a peerless pre-Columbian treasure. But the way locals see it, the real thieves are the archeologists.

The Commons by Sue Halpern

A co-op city born of New Deal social engineering is still living up to its ideals some seven decades later.


China’s next Great Wall.

Media Jones

Government of, by, and for the rich; Margaret Cho gets (Dan) Savaged; rockin’ out to auto ads; on location in Medellin; plus book and music reviews.

Re: Action

Resources for getting involved.


Cartoon by David Fullarton.