Saying What She Means
Re: “The Furor over TIPS”

I think everything that spokeswoman Barbara Comstock said was not intended with TIPS is exactly what was intended with TIPS.

Arlen Comfort


The End?
Re: “The Furor over TIPS”

This whole thing is ridiculous. We, who were living behind the iron curtain, considered America the land of freedom, and now your administration wants to launch a program which contains all of the tools that the Communists used in Eastern-bloc countries to spy on those who thought differently about their regime?

Is this the beginning of the end?

Csomó Sándor


A Logical Leap
Re: “The Furor over TIPS”

The way things are going now, in reference to the Bush admistration’s expansions of Judicial and Executive powers, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to imagine that any organized dissent in the future (i.e. massive war protests) would be cast as collusion with terrorists, resulting in great numbers of political prisoners. It’s time for some serious reflection on what a dangerous path this administration is leading us down



In Defense of TIPS
Re: “The Furor over TIPS”

Your story on TIPS is totally out of balance.

No where does it mention that people aren’t being asked to do anything that they shouldn’t be doing already — being good citizens, reporting suspected crime. The story raises the straw man that some sort of citizen police force is being created. TIPS is only a method to provide people with information on how to report suspected terrorist activity and a place to report it. Opposition to this totally benign program is totally misplaced and raises the possibility that its critics are really more interested in aiding terrorists than in protecting Americans.

Howard Owens


Re: “The Furor over TIPS”

I’m reporting everybody that reads this story. To make it easier, could you just send in the names yourself? It will save me some time. And where exactly does Mother Jones live and is she on Social Security yet??

I’m watching YOU!



Not Too Lavish
Re: “A Contract to Spend”

As a Marine currently deployed in support of OEF, I can assure you that we, warriors of the sea, never have the resources/amenities in any of our bases that others imagine we have. We tend to live a spartan lifestyle by comparison with our army counterparts; and the Air Force is even worse when it comes to providing creature comforts. I will say, however, that I do not think it is a bad thing for our military servicemembers to have ‘more’ rather than less. And as far I’m concerned, the taxpayer can keep on paying because it is not his ‘ass’ out there in the mountains chasing terrorists or floating around in steel cities (navy ships), waiting to respond to the next crisis.

I pay taxes and if they raise them to pay for ‘amenities’ for our servicemen, so be it. I can assure you that it will NEVER be enough to ‘spoil’ them. In the end, it is a small price to pay for the many other ‘uncomfortable’ days spent prosecuting a war.

However, keep up the good research. Though I may not always agree with your conclusions, I always enjoy a well-written investigative report.

Sgt. David Pedraza