Cover Story:
America’s Age of Empire: The Bush Doctrine

Strike first. Act alone. Ignore consequences. Bush’s new foreign policy doctrine is as dangerous as the threats it seeks to confront.

America’s Age of Empire: The Liberal Challenge

Too long paralyzed by dreams of innocence, liberals need to get some backbone and a foreign policy based on…liberalism.


Unhappy Meals

School lunches are good for two things — propping up agribusiness and producing chunky children.

Chaos and Constitution

With his country teetering on the brink of disaster, Venezuela’s Hugo Ch├ávez clings to power — thanks primarily to the passionate support of the nation’s poor.

Culture Change

The CEO of Stonyfield Farm says that by selling out to Dannon he can bring positive change to the parent company. Try telling that to the folks at Ben & Jerry’s.

Out of Madness, a Matriarchy

The 1994 genocide left a nation of widows and orphans. Now Rwanda’s women — once forbidden even to own property — are taking charge of rebuilding their country.

Promised Land

Sprawl claims another family farm. We have only our policies and priorities to blame.


Editor’s Note

Paying the oil pipers; Bush’s Iron Curtain; the new centers of the abortion debate; a timeline of W’s wartime service; and in New Jersey, it’s green rabbit season

The Great Cancer Cleanup; violations of excess; art till the end

Deflowering Ecuador

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: pesticide-laden roses from Ecuador

Have Tools, Will Travel

Old, on the road, and ready to build. The Care-A-Vanners erect habitats for humanity.

The Sum of All Fears
Six illustrators envision our new era of homeland insecurity.

Amy Chua on privileged minorities and global unrest; Tom Morello keeps on raging; razing Appalachia; plus more book, music, and film reviews.

Strictly Looney Toons
Cartoon by Barry Blitt