September/October 2003 Issue Cover Story: The UnGreening of America
How the Bush administration is rolling back 30 years of environmental progress.


Dirty Secrets

While the nation was distracted with war and terrorism, the Bush administration has been busy dismantling bedrock environmental laws and handling out favors to the biggest polluters.

Down Upon the Suwannee

In what has become its modus operandi, Bush’s EPA quietly changed the rules affecting wetlands. For Florida’s most famous river — and thousands of miles of other waterways — the effects could be devastating.

No Clear Skies

In the refintery town of Port Arthur, Texas, residents stock up on asthma inhalers and eyewash. Now that the Clean Air Act is being gutted, they have few other options.

The Death of Rachel Corrie

Lionized by some, villified by others, forgotten by most: Retracing the steps of the American college student crushed by an Israeli bulldozer.

Who’s Got the Blues?

Now that every baby boomer can sing “Sweet Home Chicago,” has the blues been co-opted and whitewashed? Or does it still have relevance beyond closing time?
E X T R A :
Hearing the Blues

End of the Road

He’s performed 21,000 late-term abortions. He’s treated housewives, socialites, rape victims, and prostitutes. It’s brutal gruesome work, the doctor says, but somebody’s got to do it.


Editor’s Note

Junior’s little helpers; a blackout at the White House; Iraqi tomb raiders; maquiladoras on the move; plus, Tehran’s No. 1 (in our Top 10 Activist Campuses)

Librarian superheroes; missile defense for kids; plus a looming question in Afghanistan

Signs of Decay

Is it worse for the Democrats to lose offering new ideas or to go down defending the policies of the past?

The Unsettling Legacy of General Shrapnel

The name that maims: No one remembers Henry Shrapnel, but his legacy is everywhere.

Life in Limbostan

Stranded in a Spanish outpost in Africa, illegal immigrants from around the globe await the blessing of expulsion.

Crude Therapy
Crude caring in Azerbaijan

David Plotz on American psuedoscience and the crimes of the Third Reich; Russell Simmons on poetry, politics, and prison time; Molly Ivins’ Shrub sequel; plus more music and film reviews

Ministry of Obfuscatory Nomenclature
Cartoon by Marc Rosenthal