Cover Story: The Lie Factory

A Mother Jones special report on the secret Pentagon unit of neoconservative hawks who cherry-picked the Bush administration’s case for invading Iraq


The Soul of the New Machine

Grover Norquist is out to gut the federal government—to chop it in half and “drown it in the bathtub.” He couldn’t be more serious, and as leader of the most influential coalition in Washington, he has a knack for getting his way.

Gods and Monsters

Genetically mix a human with a monkey?
With a sheep? With a rat? Dr. Stuart Newman says such technology already exists—and he’s fighting for a U.S. patent to make sure it’s never used.

Soldiers in a Forgotten War

When rebel troops drove dictator Charles Taylor into exile, Liberia briefly hit the nightly news. But what happens next in a country the world would just as soon forget?

Anatomy of a Whistleblower

Jesselyn Radack’s tale of being persecuted by the Justice Department is a lesson in what happens to people who feel compelled to “commit the truth.”

Against All Odds

The extraordinary legacy of the hopelessly idealistic, “absolutely unprecedented” campaign to abolish slavery in the British Empire


Editor’s Note

Two years and counting on Guantanamo; New Mexico’s nuclear pit stop; an all-American tax dodger; still hormone free and not cowed by Monsanto; plus librarian Trina Magi’s patriot acts

They were what they ate.

Battling Bush: The Fight Plan

How to hit Bush early and often: a political memo ripe for the leaking

Besting the Best-Sellers

No, wait! I’ve got it. This is gonna be the best best-seller—ever.

Lords of the Ring

Chips off “The Rock”

Douglas Brinkley on Kevin Phillips’ stark portrait of the Bush dynasty; Coldplay’s Chris Martin on fair trade and the perils of rock-star activism; plus more book, music, and film reviews

Resources for getting involved

Next Season’s Reality TV Shows
Cartoon by David Fullarton