The Wrong War
How the war in Iraq fueled Al Qaeda and ignited a global jihad


From Militant to Moderate

Can the man who once almost assassinated Uday Hussein help bring peace and stability to Iraq?

The Diddly Awards

Our tribute to the most profligate, prejudiced, and just plain pigheaded members of

Transforming Teresa

Don’t ever call her the candidate’s wife. Teresa Heinz Kerry has power, money, and influence–and if her husband wins in November, she has a lot to lose.

Meadow’s End

Global warming is crowding the hope and the
beauty out of our high mountain grasslands.

The Crude Doctrine

In Azerbaijan, the Bush administration had to decide between promoting democracy and protecting the interests of oil companies. Guess which one it chose?

Keepers of a Lost Language

An unlikely duo fights to preserve an almost extinct Native American tongue.


Editor’s Note

How the airlines and feds are rolling back airport security; The ambassadors of baseball; Bankrolling the convention parties; The straight poop on factory farms; Iraq’s new collateral damage; plus, a Hellraiser’s tomatoes of wrath

Designed Dissent
The art of protest: agitprop of the past dozen years

Like a Rock

Is President Bush really disciplined and resolved—or just stubborn?

Life Against the Wall

Cut off by Israel’s thin gray wall, the West Bank town of Qalqiliya is a ghetto in all but name.

They’ll Take Manhattan

The Republicans invade New York: Give us your comfortable, your wealthy, your RNC!

Michael Kazin surveys the great lurch rightward; Sarah Jones on naughtiness and Nipplegate; Sprawl from A to Z; plus more book, music, and film reviews

Resources for getting involved

The Cult of the Unborn

Cartoon by Marc Rosenthal