The Republican Noise Machine

I’ve known that Bill O’Reilly spouts lies, but my Republican
husband insists on watching him and swallows his every word
whole. His program is so biased that I can’t bear to watch
it. I get up and leave the room when it comes on.

Wish I knew something more positive to do. I fear for this
election because of all the lies the Republicans use to
smear Democratic candidates, especially Kerry.

Betty M. Lubinski

Vancouver, Washington

At a time like this when our country is being controlled by
liars in government, liars in the media, corporate liars,
and complete lying freaks of nature like Rush Limbaugh, how
refreshing to know that we have brilliant people like David
Brock fighting back. Average Americans just don’t have the
time to sort through all the information about all the
issues and make informed decisions. So they adopt the herd
mentality and just follow who “appears” to be the strongest
leader. That is why Karl Rove has Bush flexing his muscles
and sounding tough every opportunity he can. This is where
liberals often fail — they want to review the facts and
analyze and come to grips with the truth — great for
philosophers and well-meaning people, but beyond the scope
of the common man. Many people see liberals as weak and
undecided, while conservatives are tough and ready for
action. Actually, a total distortion of reality.

David Brock’s book, “Blinded by the Right” was one of the
most important books I’ve ever read because it exposed me to
the fact that our media is bought and sold just like
everything else in our country.

Wayne Pierce

Eugene, Oregon

The Political Fortunes of the Radical Right

I am a Canadian, but have been watching the events south of
the border with amazement…….and more than a little

The far right has proven itself to be as mean-spirited,
narrow-minded and blinkered as its reputation would

At the convention alone:

Those “purple heart” Band-Aids were a sad and sorry
initiative, a nasty bit of pseudo-humour.

Arnold’s humour made me cringe. At least, I think it was
meant to be humour. (I have to admit that Molly Ivins’
description of his appearance as being like “a condom filled
with walnuts” has some merit, but I digress) The “humour” in
the fortune cookies is about the same variety.

I’m sure that the Brits would be surprised to hear that the
US was responsible for disarming Saddam, since it was years
of negotiation by them that brought about that happy

Comparing Bush to Churchill (Giuliani, same as above) was
outrageous; Dubya hasn’t the intelligence, the guts, the
personality, the wit, or the abilities of a Churchill.

Most of the wives at the convention could have been replaced
by robots and I’m not sure that anyone would have been able
to tell the difference.

In addition, all the messages begin and end with references
to 9/11 and “steadfast.” I am desperately afraid that GWB
is steadfast only because he hasn’t the intellect to do
anything else. Besides, his handlers won’t let him.

I do believe that I prefer Kerry’s “flip-flops”, as it shows
he has the intelligence to be able to change his mind.


Sharon Ellis

Toronto, Ontario

Immoderate Republicans

The acrid atmosphere of the 2004 RNC’s street demonstrations
(both sides) is the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ for how
divided our country has become.

Mr Alvarez’s use of the ‘nazi’ monniker (“feminazi”) is
curious — seems like many core resentments have more ‘umph’
if they are combined with a Nazi suffix — but demonstrates
how little from history we have learned. No one should use
the Nazi term lightly. Never.

I feel sorry for Alvarez and his ilk. Somehow I am not
surprised by the simplistic and Draconian views he shares,
since he, and many US citizens, probably are victims of the
Bush Administration Propaganda Machine, handed to them by a
sympathetic media, such as Fox News.

Jake Owsley

Boulder, Colorado

I am a Republican, and it is quite clear that this nutcase
Alvarez fellow doesn’t represent my views in the
slightest…..civility?……can he even spell the word?

Feminazi?…..if my mother were alive she would wash his
mouth out with good Republican soap.

This guy needs a major league enema or something.

Let’s face it, this country is in distress about the current
foreign policy objectives, and especially, to me, the
frivolous, beyond comprehension, spending spree of this
Republican dominated Congress. I am not going to work every
day so these folks can pork my paycheck to death. Case
closed as far as I’m concerned. As a taxpayer and citizen I
have 3 objectives: strong national defense (and
concurrently, a co-operative and ever improving intelligence
system); support for the common welfare (that means helping,
not carrying, the less fortunate); and finally, constructive
dialogue with my fellow citizens.

Barry M. Fee

South Hampton, New Hampshire

Return to Ground Zero (part 1): Voices from the March to

Since I could not participate in yesterday’s march, I am
delighted to read Tom Engelhardt’s account besides
being grateful to and proud of everyone who marched for the
rest of us. This account helped me to feel a part of that
great group. I’m looking forward to the next installment.
Good work, Tom!

Flo Pappas

St. Paul, Minnesota