Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq

I think it’s the best thing in the world that MotherJones will not let this essential story die. It humanizes us to know exactly what effect we are having on others’ actual lives (and deaths) and it humanizes the victims we are misrepresenting as “enemies”.

The despair I feel at all the death and destruction we are causing is deepened by the lack of attention it is getting in the media, and by the forced ignorance of those who actually feel themselves fully informed by watching CNN, or worse, FOX!

Thank you MoJo!! Thank you Tucker Foehl.

I read this interview when it was first released, and enjoyed re-reading it. It’s simultaneously comforting and disturbing.

Ken Daves
San Francisco

Legacy of a Lonesome Death

Another great read from Ian Frazier, whose work I always like. I get the feeling, though, that he missed something. Like, where are her kids, and his kids? How’d they turn out?

Jonathan Frieman
San Rafael, California

Still Counting

My gratitude is immense. We need everyone we can get to take our voting process out of private, partisan, corporate hands, of either party, and make it transparent and public. I cringe when I hear our own people talk about a lack of voting machines, when it’s the whole voting machine process that must be changed. For heaven’s sake, we don’t want more of them, at least not until the whole thing, from manufacture to tally, is overseen by a truly bipartisan, public commision, or something of the sort. I’d just as soon return to paper ballots in ink, myself. At any rate, we need to keep bringing this up until something is done.

G.L. LeBlanc