Crisis in Darfur

How can we turn such a blind eye to genocide? The Sudanese government are the Nazis and we are doing nothing about the new Holocaust.

Christians and Animists in Africa deserve our help just as much as the Jewish people of Europe. The tsunami tragedy is heartbreaking, but the number of people affected is one-tenth of those affected by the genocide in Sudan. Even more than aid, however, the Sudanese people need our military support.

There is one and only one reason why we launched an unprovoked, illegal attack on Iraq, but are staying out of a horrific human rights crisis in the Sudan: oil. This is disgusting. We need to began withdrawing our troops from Iraq and lead a true coalition on a humanitarian rescue in the Sudan. I like to think of myself as a pacifist, but drastic crises call for drastic intervention. I agree that the International Criminal Court is appropriate, but how many people will die before the trial begins?

If we want to frame this in terms of U.S. self interest, we merely have to stop and analyze what happens when millions of people live in poverty under a brutal regime: terrorists cells multiply. If we are truly serious about the war on terror, we need to save the millions of innocent children in Sudan now before we see another terrorist breeding ground like Afghanistan flourish in the Sudan.

Thank you,

Kimberlee Jensen

The Spy Who Billed Me

This is one aspect of the problem of an increasingly large military effort. Rumsfeld, in order to increase the size of the military, has to go to Congress. Instead of this, he has increasingly outsourced military positions of all types to release personnel for combat roles.

It would be one thing if he outsourced all cooks and eliminated the Military Specialty “Cook” thus saving us money and decreasing the number of soldiers.

His method is in effect an increase in military spending and in the size of the military. 

This may be a more effective way to wage war, but it is one that is being conducted without congressional oversight or budgeting. It is also one that avoids a debate on the role of the military and the cost of building a force to rule an empire.

Bob Reynolds

Give Me A Home

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to read this article, or how impressed I am that someone has finally learned to listen to those in need rather than to tell them what is needed. I also am so very  grateful that Sam Tsemberis has brought out the fact that minium-wage jobs seldom provide enough income to keep families within the United States above the poverty line and into a home space. It is true that our society is biased against the poor and especially the homeless; there is little compassion left for those on the streets who are passed by everyday, although compassion cannot be dead as is testified to by the outpouring of assistance and care shown to those who were hard hit by the tsunami of January 2005. Our government could do better to help those in need right here at home to stop homelessness by instituting affordable housing programs which would in turn help unemployment via those constuction jobs. Thank you for the opportunity to read some good news for a change.