Life on the Inside

Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the kind of social program that will eventually transform our society. If we base our social systems on trust and honoring of simple human values, everything is possible. Thank you! More please!

Natalie Mannering

What We Owe Iraq

Excellent interview with Noah Feldman. Thanks for a good read.

The need to embrace Sunnis is of pivotal importance. Sadly, flattening much of Fallujah was not a good way of achieving this. It will prove to be one of the great blunders of military history, a turning point in the war.

There is a well-worn adage in politics: “If you find yourself in a hole, don’t dig it deeper’. Bush dug the hole, Bremer kept digging. One can only hope that Fallujah has not made the hole too deep to get out of.

The grunts on the ground could soon find themselves in the middle of a civil war, an intolerable and very dangerous position. Some commentators are opining that the civil war has already begun.

John B.
Sydney, Australia

Falluja: City Without a Future?

I think you people at Mother Jones are misguided and ignorant. You are anti-American. You quote al Jazeera as though it’s the truth. It really doesn’t matter, because you are only preaching your lies to the choir.

Tom McDowell

As a Navy corpsman in Vietnam with the First Marine Division I witnessed the “save the village by destroying it” theory and know that it not only doesn’t work, it only serves to alienate and inflame the people who are supposed to benefit from those actions. You’d think the military and the American government would have learned something in the last 40 years but apparently an idealistic zeal has clouded their view of the past as well as their conscience. Maybe if some of the decision-makers had been more closely involved in what I and my brothers-in-arms were in the 60’s these choices would have been different. Promote peace.